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Students and hoodies are like peas and carrots. So, naturally we’ve produced University of Leeds hoodies for many a student for many a year.

But, in 2007 our little hoodie shop expanded and became Gear – the one and only official supplier of University of Leeds clothing, mechanise and gifts. Pretty cool eh? Before too long, we grew too big for our boots and had to take over an even bigger store filled to the brim with uni stuff for our students to wear with pride.

We are so super proud of our store, mostly because we actually built it with our own fair hands! As our popularity grew we opened a little online store too, so now our students and alumni can get their Leeds merch any time day or night from anywhere in the world!

So far, so good.

Oh, we forgot to mention that we’re also 100% not for profit. Every penny spent in store and online goes back into Leeds University Union so they can put on lots of lovely stuff for their 30,000 members.

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